On a school trip through an old battlefield, the group is faced with having to go through an area loaded with unexploded mines and trip wires. A gaseous substance, leaking from toxic spills underground is dangerous to the eyes. The group needs to cross the field, while blindfolding their eyes form the gaseous substance. No one may enter the field unprotected. One or more may go at a time.


  • Ropes: For Start and Finish lines
  • Mines: A collection of whatever objects you have available to you. Rubber toys, beach balls, tennis balls, crates, pieces of paper, etc.
  • Trip wires: Ropes in the area between the start and finish lines that can cause a maze to occur in the minefield area.
  • Bandanas: For shielding the eyes.


What happens when someone touches a wire or a mine is determined beforehand. Suggestions include:

  1. The person 'dies' and starts over
  2. The person is 'wounded' and waits for a rescuer (Meaning: waits until someone else comes into the field and touches them before they can continue).
  3. The person counts the number of times s/he tripped a wire or an object, reports that number to the group, the group adds all the trips that occurred and then tries again as a group with the goal being to reduce the number of trips that formerly occurred.

Again, it is up to the group whether they want to send individuals through, or have every one go through together, or send half through with verbal help from the other half and repeat.